WiFi or GSM connection

Another notable advantage is that the solution is completely transportable (mobile) as a standalone handy device, which can fit into your pocket and therefore provides a versatile use (especially in a remote location).
In addition, there is no need to install additional software on your device such as you PC, Laptop or indeed Smartphone. This also protects and disguises its primary use (should your device be examined or scrutinised).
The Dongle in the dormant state (non-active) can pass the normal customs or immigration controls, since its appearance is a generic one. This feature is especially useful if you intend to use the “Dongler” in a hostile environment. We have paid special attention in ensuring there are no obvious markings on the device, which could identify its main purpose.

Multi-devices connected to the same network
Typically speaking, households or indeed the workplace normally have more than 1 device connected to the Internet at any one time.

connect multiple devices

The above graph shows an example how up to 10 devices in the household, could be simultaneously connected to the Internet, and enjoy all the “Dongler” benefits (as previously discussed). The “Dongler” is able to handle the modern demands of many devices connected at once. However, it becomes especially convenient in other environments such as public networks or places, which are frequented by the general public such as Internet Café, Airports or indeed Hotels.

Most have checked into a Hotel at some point, but guests are normally unaware of the Internet restrictions in place (by virtue of the firewall).
Firstly, it’s very common practice for an establishment to restrict the amount of devices connecting to a network at any given time. For example, some rooms may only allow a few devices to connect to a particular network. Secondly, bandwidth (amount of data allowed) can be also controlled. This means that the Internet can sometimes be described as a bottleneck, which can be very frustrating if you’re trying to surf the net. There may also be situations where the Hotel has specifically censored the Internet in compliance to country regulations.

hotel network

Using the “Dongler” (in most cases) will override such rulings the Hotel has assigned and allow unrestricted access.

Public Networks
Connecting to an open public network is especially a high-risk situation, as it can be sometimes difficult to determine whether the security of the Wi-Fi network is adequate.
Another risk factor; users that are also connected to the same public network (such as a Wi- Fi café, Hotel or Airport)
Statistically speaking, the risk of your device becoming compromised (hacked or probed) is far higher in a public environment where Hackers can anonymously connect. This route is often the preferred method for others to extrapolate information, or indeed hack into your device. In addition, it isn’t uncommon for Hackers to setup their own free public (rogue) network in order for you to connect, for the purpose of possibly stealing your personal information or even something more malicious.

 Man in the Middle Attack (MITM) on a public Wi-Fi network.

man in the middle attack

Using the “Dongler” prevents and protects your device from this type of risk from occurring.

Another unique advantage of using the “Dongler” is by a method known as bridging.


The “Dongler” can be used as a secure bridge from one network to another. Bridging with the “Dongler” will ensure all local connections are fully secure and encrypted, especially useful in a work environment. Companies in particular who rely on this technology, quite often have several Wi-Fi networks operating in the same environment. The security protocol they adopt may not be necessarily up to date, or may have undetected vulnerabilities that could potentially expose
them to outside interrogation or indeed allow data to be compromised. The “Donger” encrypts all traffic, and guarantees all connections of this type are protected.

Once you’re connected to the “Dongler”, all your data that is transmitted or received is fully encrypted. This prevents anyone from snooping, intercepting, or even trying to gain access (eavesdrop) in to your private information. Our cloud servers are fully equipped to intercept and to prevent any attempt to obtain information from our connected clients. Internet Service providers (ISP) In most countries, Internet service providers (ISP) are obliged by law to store your data for a certain period on their servers. This situation isn’t always agreeable with all, and of course you’re never sure if the ISP has implemented adequate security protocol. This means your
data is not under your control, and can (under certain situations) be passed-on to others, either voluntarily or otherwise.
Software Applications
Contrary to popular belief, a large proportion of data is anonymously passed (without your knowledge) via trusted software programs, e.g. web-browsers, search-engines, and other social networking applications, which claim that your personal data is secure. This notion is a misconception, and many organisations have been caught using your data either for harvesting purposes, or selling this valuable information to third parties.

Privacy flow chart.

privacy flow chart

The “Dongler” ensures that whatever the circumstances, your data is fully secure and encrypted. 

Many countries adopt a form of control (some more than others) in preventing Internet users full access to the Web in its entirety. This act is described as targeted censorship, which some countries apply a strict policy based on different criteria as shown below. Widespread censorship categorised by 4 main blocks.

blocked content

The “Dongler” has been specifically designed to counter any restriction of this type, even in the most hostile of environments.
• Social applications previously blocked, will work as they are intended.
• Political content will be immune from censorship allowing free expression.
• Internet tools designed to restrain and monitor will no longer function.
• Security counter measures will not be able to block our solution. Anonymity
There are many instances where being anonymous is sometimes necessary (depending on the circumstances). The “Dongler” is able to change your GEO IP7 location either automatically (based on your nearest location) or by choosing a specific server within our secure network.
All cloud servers are cloaked (hidden) from public view, and are fully encrypted.

European flag
Legal Compliance – European Union (EU)

The growing trend of data privacy breaches has subsequently forced an ammendment to existing EU legislation, enforcing tighter data privacy laws
and more robust regulation.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will become effective from 25th May 2018, will give EU citizens more control with regards to their
personal data.
Our solution will guarantee that such breaches of privacy will no longer exist. The ”Dongler” is therefore in full compliance with this important piece of legislation.

No logs kept

NO logs
We have a strict mandate of not holding onto any data that passes through our system. Therefore, we are only a few that have adopted a “NO logs” policy.

latest technology

Latest Technology
The “Dongler” utilises the latest technological methods, far and above the existing competition, by adopting a very different and advanced protocol.