The pocket ‘Dongler’
browsing freedom at your fingertips 
ANYWHERE in the World!

The Dongler – a unique Device, the First and Only one of its kind.

What is ‘The Dongler?

The Dongler is the ACTIVATED version of our Dongle. When activated it enables you to share, with up to 12 users, a connection to the internet (via WiFi or Data Sim Card) in your Country or others you may travel to.  The Dongler allows you to visit your favourite websites, services or social media platforms without restriction.

Using the latest technology techniques, the Dongler incorporates a protection program far superior to anything the current market can provide. Our VPN service is only a small slice of the all-in-one solution,  packed into a pocket-sized device.

Browsing freedom, security and anonymity on the go.


On Your Travels

The Dongler is your ultimate travelling companion, whether you intend to use it at home or abroad. In a foreign country you may experience censorship of not being able to surf familiar websites, or perhaps your web-dependent APP doesn’t work as it should.

At Airports

Airports are more often than not, your next portal to another country. They also serve as an ideal environment for Hackers to steal your private information, especially when your waiting for a long period. Distracted by your surroundings, you may be unaware that you have become the next unsuspecting victim.

At Home or Away

At home, the Dongler will protect you and your devices (up to 12 simultaneously) from risks of being over-exposed on the Internet.

On Public 'Free' Wi-Fi

Coffee shops and restaurants are quite often popular places to sit-down and relax. However, not every customer is there just to enjoy the atmosphere. Hackers quite often visit these open spaces, as an easy way of enticing you on to their “free” Wi-fi network.

Going on holiday or taking a quick break abroad? The Dongler Mifi LTE 4G Router is the ultimate portable traveling companion. The Dongler also has both 2/3/4G GSM & Wifi connectivity and includes a very unique VPN service.

Many seasoned travelers will know that connecting to an unknown Wifi network could result in unexpected surprises. Protect yourself at all times by using the Dongler.

All data is fully encrypted – 100% privacy – Totally Secure using our Cloud VPN network

Protect yourself at all times by using the Dongler.If you’re concerned about connecting your PC or smartphone to a public network, the Dongler will keep you totally secure and private with its inbuilt wi-fi bridge

There are so many features included with this solution it’s difficult to keep up.

So start changing your surfing habits and start using the Dongler.

Privacy, security & protection is our no.1 priority, what’s yours?



Dongler highlights

The “Dongler” is an activated version of the Dongle, which means it is authorized to connect to our secure cloud network via GSM/wireless connectivity, which then performs a variety of unique tasks. The application of this device can be directly applied to different situations.
The primary function of the “Dongler” solution focuses on the following points: –
• Encrypts all bilateral traffic (data) from the “Dongler” to the Internet.
• Allows uncensored and unrestricted access to the Internet (Web).
• Changes your existing IP location address to another one.
• Provides full privacy & protection whenever you connect to the “Dongler

 More information? Check out the Technical Stuff HERE